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‘The Man Who Avenged Bhagat Singh is a fantastic story which every Indian must know about! Not to be missed!"
- Sameer Anjaan,
Guiness World Record Holder & Lyricist, The Legend Of Bhagat Singh’


Abhijeet Bhalerao is an author, translator, speaker and visual artist. He has been recognized for his research into Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s jail notebook, which he has also translated into Marathi. Alongside serving as an income tax inspector in Mumbai, Abhijeet also shares his insights on Maratha war strategy and tactics as a visiting faculty at Mumbai university. He is passionate about exploring literature, history and art.


Praise For 'The Man Who Avenged Bhagat Singh

The armed resistance to the British occupation of India has many forgotten stories of extraordinary courage. Abhijeet Bhalerao brings alive a corner of this history—a young man who avenged his heroes’

Sanjeev Sanyal, bestselling writer and economist

The Man Who Avenged Bhagat Singh is a lucidly written account of the very little-known episode in our history of revolutionary struggle. Bhagat Singh was a valiant fighter and an ideologue of the revolutionary cause. We are now aware that he stands tall due to his egalitarian ideas and his impassioned faith in composite nationalism. However, this book goes into the lesser-known details about the revenge that the revolutionaries took on the approver who identified Bhagat Singh and his comrades in the court. A spellbinding account that will keep the readers glued to the book till they reach the dramatic end’...

S. Irfan Habib, Historian

With meticulous detail, Abhijeet Bhalerao throws light upon a revolutionary period of Indian history that is being re-recognized today. his focus brings to life some well-known freedom fighters, but the most heartening are details about lesser-known revolutionaries, who, equally, were ready to sacrifice everything for the cause of freedom. Many of them did not get recognition or acclaim, and therefore, the work of Bhalerao is most welcome and is to be treasured’ ...

Hindol Sengupta, Historian

The assassination of Phanindranath Ghosh, the man who betrayed Bhagat Singh and sent him to his gallows, is a story barely known today. Baikunth Sukul was the man who made his life’s mission to avenge Bhagat Singh, and Abhijeet Bhalerao brings him alive as never before in a rivetingly engaging novel that is difficult to put down. Told in an immersive and powerful way, and with love, anger and precision, this is a story that will now be difficult to forget again ...

Satvinder S. Juss, Author- Historian


‘The real saga of Bhagat Singh is so fascinating that when some related events come out in narrative form, that becomes even more charming, so is Abhijeet Bhalerao's novel, which brings out the role of some neglected heroes of freedom struggle like Yogendra and Baikunth Sukul!’-Chaman Lal, Editor, The Bhagat Singh Reader